Class - Introduction To Fly Fishing

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Everything you ever wanted to know about fly fishing but were afraid to ask! This class is designed to cover the basics of casting, entomology, reading water, knots and selecting and preparing equipment. Learn how to determine what fly to choose, how to present it, and catch fish on a fly rod.

The class consists of two sessions. The first is an evening session in the shop on a Thursday, learning the components of the basic fishing outfit and how they work together. The second session is spent streamside casting the fly rod on a Sunday morning, learning about water, bugs and fish, and how they all interact.

We assume you have had little or no exposure to fly fishing, and our goal is to provide you with the foundation from which to build a lasting relationship with the sport.

Over the past 23 years we have taught thousands of people to fly fish. We are proud to say that more than half the classes we teach are filled with referrals from past students.

Creekside Angling Company provides all the equipment, including rod, reel, line and waders if needed. Paying for the class in advance ensures your spot, as space is limited. Gift certificates are available.

Give us a call to sign up and schedule an open date. (425) 392-3800

We now have March, April and May group classes scheduled, please give us a call to schedule your dates.  

Cost: $100 + tax per person.