Fishing Report July 28th 2022

As we have progressed through July, mother nature has reminded us that it is Summer in the Northwest. Though we started the year cool, it has helped ease the onset of warmer water temperatures in many of our streams which leads to happy and healthy fish. As for fishing, we have seen some great results on our local streams!

Snoqualmie Forks: 

We've seen ideal conditions for a few weeks now, with fish eating dry flies regularly nearly all month. If inclined nymphing will produce higher numbers, though you can very well get by fishing dry flies alone. Smaller Chubby Chernobyl's #12-16) in royal and purple have been producing, as well as stimulator's in similar sizes and colors. To mimic the smaller bugs; Elk Hair Caddis and X-Caddis (#12-16) in tan and olive, as well as Purple Haze and Parachute Adam's (#12-16). 

Yakima River:

We've begun to see terrestrial fishing pick up, with hoppers and ants being some good options mid-day to entice trout to look up. Otherwise, Stoneflies, Yellow Sally's, Caddis, and PMD's are on the menu for dry fly fishing. Nymphing with similar sub-surface patterns will be most productive mid-day, though you can very well fish a terrestrial pattern or a dry-dropper! There are still a good amount of salmon smolt in the river system as well so don't forget to have some baitfish as well, like a Dolly Llama, Conehead Zuddler, or Sculpin imitation.

Cedar River:

The Cedar has settled down to below 300 CFS, making it very accessible for the remainder of the summer. Nymphing Pat's Stones, Pheasant Tail's, Lightning Bugs, and Hare's Ears or caddis pupa imitations have all produced fish. As well dry flies have done well at producing the small to mid sized trout with flies mainly entailing Chubby's/Stimmis for the Stoneflies, Elk Hair's and X-Caddis for Caddis, and Adams/Royal Wulff/Purple Haze/Sparkle Flag PMD to mimic the mayflies. We have been seeing some relatively smaller mayflies around dusk! Streamers can still be fishing in the deeper pockets and trough's to attract larger fish.

If you have any questions, feel free to stop by or give the shop a call at 425-392-3800